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The Podenco is an ancient breed of hunting dog and native to Spain. Podencos come in a variety of sizes as they have been bred to hunt a specific animal in a specific region of Spain. All, however, have certain things in common. All have big, very mobile ears which are usually carried standing up but can, as the mood dictates, be folded back or even left hanging. Most Podencos have flesh coloured noses (except the Oritos o the Xarnegos that can have it black) and the most amazing eyes in shades of amber, grey or even green. The predominant coat colours are mahogany and white or a combination of the two. Pure mahogany or white dogs are relatively rare. Very rarely do you find a mahogany and black Podenco and tri-coloured one are rarer still. The coat can be smooth, rough or oven long whereby long coated Podencos are very rare.

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