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The podenco is a primitive breed and a greyhound. A dog whose origins go back to more than 3000 years. Descendants of the Egyptian dogs, close cousins of the Cinerco del Etna and Pharaoh's dogs, these long-eared Spanish canines come in several breeds, could we say types? Canary, Ibizan, Portuguese, Andalusian, big, small, long, short-haired, wire-haired... They are distinguished by their unique face, their pink or brown nose and their big straight ears.


For all these years, the podencos are selected to be great hunters. Able to use their sight, their sense of smell and to combine speed and endurance, they are determined dogs. For the podenco, the human is a bully. Maltreating, hunters abuse, damage and throw away these tool dogs. However, they are fabulous life companions who deserve a second chance, a new life full of love, discovery and joy at the side of a committed and loving human.

Click and download our description of the podenco, to know everything about the specificities of the breed, and to know if it is a dog for you.
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