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The Podenco is an ancient breed of hunting dog and native to Spain. Podencos come in a variety of sizes as they have been bred to hunt a specific animal in a specific region of Spain. All, however, have certain things in common. All have big, very mobile ears which are usually carried standing up but can, as the mood dictates, be folded back or even left hanging. Most Podencos have flesh coloured noses (except the Oritos o the Xarnegos that can have it black) and the most amazing eyes in shades of amber, grey or even green. The predominant coat colours are mahogany and white or a combination of the two. Pure mahogany or white dogs are relatively rare. Very rarely do you find a mahogany and black Podenco and tri-coloured one are rarer still. The coat can be smooth, rough or oven long whereby long coated Podencos are very rare.

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As a breed, Podencos are amongst the most biddable and friendly dogs you are ever likely to meet. They are very sociable with other dogs, they have to be as the Spanish hunters usually keep them in large packs. Many are cat friendly but, again, caution is advised if he meets a cat out in the open. His cat friend at home is not to be chased, however that might not apply to the neighbour's moggy!



Podencos are classified and primitive hunting dogs. Sighthounds like the spanish galgos hunt hares and the sight is their primary sense to hunt, but podencos use all their senses (mostly their smell) to hunt rabbits. So, again caution is advised if you are walking him in an area where wildlife might be present.



Contrary to common opinion, Podencos are very trainable and to a very high standard. They are intelligent and active dogs and they will like cani-cross or smell research. Your Podenco is hunter bred and do not expect him to break off the chase if he is hot on the heels of a rabbit.



Podencos may be very active when out and about but in the home they like nothing better than to snooze the hours away in a warm comfy bed or on the sofa. They are affectionate and will snuggle up with you for hours on those dark, cold winter evenings. Podencos also have an amazing sense of humour and enjoy hearing and seeing their forever family laugh at their antics!!!